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Mawa Resort, Mawa, Munshiganj, Dhaka [Travel Guide]

4/15/2018 05:10:00 PM
Mawa Resort, Mawa, Munshiganj

Mawa Resorts, built on the south of Mawa-Fatekal Street Kandipara village, south of Mawa 1 ferry gauge in Louhajang upazila, just 38 kilometers south of Dhaka, is another natural beauty of natural beauty. It can be one of the most attractive tourist centers to travel to a beautiful, safe and relaxed environment in nature. It is situated on the banks of the Padma. This beautiful landscape is already able to attract domestic and foreign tourists and tourists. Travel Piyushu people are running every day at the Mawa Resort (Mawa Resort).

Built in Kandipara, just 500 yards away from the Mawa-1 ferry, this resort is an unusual tourist resort, an unusual tourist center. Situated in solitary environments and green areas, this place has varied in many different ways. A large dive was noticed at the main gate of the tourism center. The natural beauty of the coconut and betel leaf enhances the dirt around the dive. The lake has two paved gutts. Modern boats have to travel around the lake.

There is a cafeteria on the bank. It provides food for demand. For the east end of the pond, there are 18 quotes in row rows. Here are 5 single 4 double and one sweet. During the cottage, red, white and green-colored wooden bridges provide extra beauty. At night, the lamps of the deserted zodiac zodiac zodiac predators appear to be very helpless to the color lights of Rangbangan.

It may also be an attractive center for picnics or shooting pictures. Resort cottages made of brick walls The roof is made with golpata. Ceiling made from various alpana with bamboo flasks. There are modern furniture, bathrooms and eye-catching crafts in the house. It has been done for 23 bighas nowadays.

Every day hundreds of people from Dhaka and surrounding areas came to visit the Padma Ghat. And on the holidays came thousands of people from different professions.

Mawa Resort, Mawa, Munshiganj


The entrance rate for the resort is 30 taka per person.


Phone: 01711676058, 01755592585, 01755592584, 01711057947
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook page

How to go

It is situated near the old Ferry Gate, located near Louhajong Police Station, two kilometers away from Dhaka on the right side of the Mawa Roundabout. You can go to the bus service or take a car with yourself. It takes 2 hours to have a car with you.

In that case you have to pay 60 toll total in two places. Lauhjung police station has many facilities in the area to keep the car. Lauhajang Thana Mosque can be reached directly till Ghat, leaving Gangsteen or Hilsa from Gulistan in Dhaka. Rent will be charged at Tk 70 Mirpur 10, Farmgate, Shahbag can go from independent transport at.

Or you can go to Mawa Ghat "Great Bikrampur Transport" (Mawa-Gulistan-Mawa) or "Godhuli Paribahan" (Mawa-Gazipur / Jatrabari-Mawa). In that case, before going to Maiha Farighat, you have to get in the crossroads of the road going to Louhajang police station. After 15 minutes road to rickshaw or autorickshaw

Padma Resort, Mawa, Munshiganj [Travel Guide]

4/15/2018 04:39:00 PM
Padma Resort, Mawa, Munshiganj

The Padma River, situated on the bank of the Padma River of Dhaka Division, is a beautiful and beautiful resort, named Padma Resort. This is an ideal place for those who want to get to the nature and the river near the city's municipalities. The Padma Resort, developed in the wake of the middle of the Padma river, can bring the tranquility of the mechanical life, the ruckus, the noise and air pollution, and above all the busy life of the city.

Padma Resort can be a wonderful place for you with family or friends, chatting with friends. Distance from Dhaka to Padma Resort is only 50 km. It takes about two hours to take time to drive. The Padma Resort has been developed by the Padma River on the side of Louhajang thana of Lauhajang upazila of Munshiganj district.

Total 16 duplex cottages are made with Padma Resort. The name of 12 cottages has been named as 12 months of the name of Bengal and the remaining 4 nominations have been named after the name of Rishu. Keeping that you want to remain silent, the cottages of the whole world, and they start with the name of the Bengali month.

Padma Resort, Mawa, Munshiganj

Each cottage has a large bedroom, two single bedrooms, a drawing room. There are two balconies and a bathroom. Each cottage will have 8 people. The house is made with beautiful leaves as a special attraction. Bamboo and palm tree woods have been used in walls and other places. Duplex is the bottom floor of this cottage with a set of sofa, tables and a single bed, one of the finest fittings on the 1.5-floor, a bathroom with a compound, basin, hidden glass, shower, and a vast verandah for sitting, apart from the second floor, with two single beds, Center center and wardrobe in the middle

Cottage surrounds the colorful swelling of the winter and the state of the water in rainy season. They can count the night at the Easy Chair in the resort courtyard. Day can travel on Padma by boat on domestic boat. Get fresh hilsa at the resort restaurant. Vegetables, cows, chickens and ducks can also be found. Seasonal fruits also match.

What is the Padma Resort?

Outdoor - Outside the Levi's Beach Chair where you can enjoy the beautiful beauty of the river. There are also horses, you can roam this horse and roam.

Restaurants - There are quite a number of decorative restaurants around the resort. There is a seat for 120 people.

River Cruise Arrangement - For those who like to travel to boats, there are several small big boats arranged. Here is a rubber boat that can easily sit for 2-6 people. Speed boats are also here. Another boat is a country boat, it is a little bigger, this boat will be able to get together here 20-25. And those who have haul fishing in the river can also ride a fishing boat. All boats have life jackets.

Sport - Here you can match with your friends if you want to play soccer, beach volleyball, badminton, kite flying, freezeb, even native game hoodoo can also play.
How to book
Before going to the official holidays, you must first book the cottage before going to the holiday. To book in advance, you need to book in the Dhaka office of Padma Resort Booking.

If you want to contact
SM Nazrul Islam
General Manager
Mobile: 01712-170330, 01752-987688
Telephone: 8752617


Cotage rent for the day is 2300 taka (2000 taka + 15% VAT) and for the night of the day, 3450 taka (3000 taka + 15% VAT) for the day.

In the cold water of the river bathing or speedboat (2500 / hour per hour), Sampan boat (per hour 1200 taka) or trawler (per hour 600 taka) can roam the river of the river.

The way to go to Padma Resort

There are many ways to go to Padma Resort. You can go to a bus or a private car. Lauhajang Thana Mosque can be reached directly from Ghat, leaving Golchilan or Hilsa from Gulistan in Dhaka, rent will be Tk. 70 per person. Mirpur 10, Farmgate, Shahbag can go from independent transport at. Others can go up to Mawa Ghat "Great Bikrampur Transport" (Mawa-Gulistan-Mawa) or "Godhuli Paribahan" (Mawa-Gazipur / Jatrabari-Mawa). In the meantime, before going to Mawa Ferryghat, there will be a 15-minute route to the rickshaw or autorickshaw, crossing the intersection of the route going to Louhajang Police Station.

A lot like this: Mawa Ferry Ghat> Louhajang Chaurasta Road> Lohajang Police Camp> Padma Resort.

And there is no word on the car with you. There will be no velocity to know the path. In that case, you will have to pay a total of 60 Toll in two places. There are lots of places in front of the Louhajang Police Station to keep the car. Engine powered boats and speedboats are located in Mosque Ghat next to the Louhojong Police Station. From the Mawa Ferryghat, the resort has its own speedboat directly in the resort.

If you are already in touch with the phone, your engine powered boat will be taken to the resort. In that case, the rent will be Tk 50 per person. Of course, there are two cross-sections on this hike.

Meal arrangement

Padma Resort has a well-equipped restaurant, which is arranged with 20 table chairs, where 200 people can eat in Anaasaya and you can arrange any party including lunch or dinner. Before entering the restaurant, you will need to collect food token from the resort office, 350 taka (300 taka + 15% VAT) per person. In the lunch menu, rice, pulse, hilsa fries (1 piece), chicken meat (big 1 piece), vegetables, salad, but the mineral water will be purchased separately, with a liter of 40 liters, With it you will get soft drink (cans 40 taka, papas

Kotka Sea Beach, Sundarban, Bagerhat [Travel Guide]

4/15/2018 04:30:00 PM
Kotka Sea Beach, Sundarban, Bagerhat

Kotka beach located in the south east corner of the Sundarbans. One of the attractive attractions of beautiful forest is the Kotka. Located about 90 kilometers away from Mongla port and the main center of the Sundarbans East Bay.

One of the main attractions of the Sundarbans is Royal Bengal Tiger. But in the forest tiger fair, such as load, it is also risky. However, it is possible to meet and secure the tiger and the beautiful tourist center of the Sundarbans is from Kutka Sanctuary. The Royal Bengal Tiger, one of the main attractions of the Sundarbans, is often seen here. Apart from the beautiful Chitra deer, the variety of birds, the nature of nature and the presence of wild animals, Kotka sanctuary always occupies a separate place in the list of tourist favorites.

There is a rest house of forest department in Cuttack. There is a wooden jetty here to get out of the launch house. The rest house with some distance from the jetty. In front of it, huge ocean waves of ocean water are seen. There are numerous small canals surrounding it. Tours with boats in the canals are very fun. The canal is seen on the side of the chestnut deer grazing in the group. Besides, monkeys, horticulture and wild animals are seen in the forest. Occasionally tigers are heard and heard. During the dark night, millions of Junkyi's light festivals are fascinated and fascinated. From the back side of the Kotka Forest Division office, the dense breathing of the mangrove tree can be seen on the north side of the canal, on the north side of the tail made straight westward. Tigers walk in the south of the forest for a few minutes to see three consecutive Tiger Tilas. The tilak is often seen as a tiger's footprint.

Katakara Jamtola Watch Tower provides an impressive view of the wild animals, the deer of the deer, the rush of pigs, the monkey curse, the tiger deer, and the tiger scene in the royal style. Pebble walks past the Watermelon Watch Tower and walks about three kilometers straight north, the Jamtala beach. Walking along the way, the names of different sizes of Jamgacha beach have been found. Jamtala beach is solitary and clean. Crab artwork is seen only in the valley. Wherever it is seen anywhere, the root of the tide washed in the tide. The beach has been completed in the Kuchikhali and it has ended. Jamtala beach is not ideal for a bath.

Every local tourist has a daily fee of 150 taka, students - 30 taka, foreign tourists - 1500 taka in every area. Outside the sanctuary, local tourists - 70 taka and foreign tourists - 1000 taka, students - 20 taka, researchers - 40 rupees. Local tourists will get Tk 20 in Karmajale, foreign tourist Tk 300

Helicopter / Sea Plane- 30,000 taka one time, renewal fee of 10 thousand taka Up to 100 feet, 15 thousand launches, renewal fee of 4 thousand taka, launch from 50 feet to 100 feet, 10 thousand taka for renewal, renewal fee of three thousand taka. Taka 7,500 and renewal fee of 2500 Taka under 50 feet, Taka 3,000 for trawler and renewal - 1500 Taka. Speedboat is five thousand taka and two thousand taka. Junkbote (tourist boat) is two thousand taka and one thousand taka. In addition to the specific travel fees of forest department, guide fees 500 taka per day, launch crew fees 70 taka, security guard fee 300 taka, telecommunication fees 200 taka, video camera fees, local tourists 200 taka and foreign tourists 300 taka.

Pilgrims' fees for three days for the Sundarbans Ras Purnima, 50 taka per day, unregistered trawler 800, registered trawler 200, and trawler location fee of 200 taka per day.

Way to go
Launch is the main and the only medium to travel to Kota. And with the tourists it is anchored in the Kotka canal. From Khulna, Bagerhat bus and Kamalapur trains will come to Khulna from Gabtali and Sayedabad bus terminals in the capital Dhaka.

You can reach Bagerhat directly from Dhaka by bus. Buses from Dhaka to Bagerhat include - Meghna Transport (0171717388553), tourist transport (01711131078) which leaves the bus terminal of Sayedabad. Apart from the Gabtali bus terminals in Dhaka - Saakura Transport (01711010450), Sohag Transport (01718679302).

Launch from Khulna to Rupsa or Bagerhat from Mongla port. In addition, from Mongla, Morelganj, Bazarhat of Bagerhat, there are ships from Sharonkhola to the Sundarbans.

Where will it be
In addition to Tourist Vessel or Boat, Sunderbans Sanctuary has the arrangement of Nilcomal of Hironpoints and the Tiger Point at Kanchikhali and Kotka forest department rest houses. The fee for Nilkamal for local tourists is three thousand taka per room, four rooms 12 thousand taka. Kanchikhali per room Tk 3,000, four rooms 10 thousand taka. Cuttack per room is Tk 2,000, two rooms worth four thousand taka. In the case of foreigners, 5 thousand and 20 thousand taka in Nilkamal, 5 thousand and 15 thousand in kanchikhali and five thousand and 10 thousand in Kotka.

Apart from this, there is a facility of having single, family and group in the Satkhira town, general standard hotel and Munshiganj NGO Suhshet's resthouse and dormitory.

There are hotels in the tourist company of Mongla, for the tourists, there are general hotels in the port of Pashur. In the city of Khulna, there is a standard hotel in addition to the Hotel Royal, Castle Salam, Hotel Tiger Garden, Hotel West Inn, Hotel City Inn, Hotel Millini etc. Apart from quality hotels.

Ahsan Manzil, Dhaka [Travel Guide]

4/15/2018 04:21:00 PM
Ahsan Manzil, Dhaka, Credit : Bangladeshism

Gulabi palace on the banks of river Buriganga in Islampur, Old Dhaka, which is once a gardener, but at present, which is Ahsan Manzil Here's a crowd of visitors today. If you want to see very close to the Mughal period, you can come back from ancient palace. Buriganga river is just south of Prasad. Entering the gate will see the garden of flowers on the side of the street. Red-blue-purple-colored flowers will be impressed by seeing. Large green ground in front of Manzil The big stairs have come down from Manzil.

Let's leave the nature and go to the palace. In the middle of the eighteenth century, Sheikh Inayetullah Rangamahal, the Zamindar of Zamalpur Pargana (present-day Faridpur-Barisal), was established by the side of Buriganga. After his death, Sheikh Motiullah, son of the zamindar, sold it to the French merchants. In 1835, Khwaja Alimullah, the father of Nawab Abdul Gani, who lives in Begum Bazar, started buying it and settling down. In 1872, Ahsan Manzil (Ahsan Manzil) renamed Nawab Abdul Ghani as the name of his son Khwaja Ahsanullah.

This is a double-storey building. Made of verandah and floor marble stones. The octagon in the shape of each cell. The inside of the palace is divided into two parts. A large dining room in the east. North of the library Jalsghar in the west The roof of the whole building is made of wood. There is a separate place for playing Billiards in the ground floor. Durbar hall is made of white, green and yellow stone. The bedroom, libraries and three guest rooms. On the west there are dancers and some residential rooms.

Ahsan Manzil is the first brick-stone architecture of Dhaka. Where the first electric light system is in the hands of Nawabs Manzil's architecture always attracted Westerners. Lord Curzon stayed here in Dhaka. The government of Bangladesh preserve Ahsan Monanjil as a museum. In 1992, the public was exposed.

The number collected in the Ahsan Manzil Museum is 4,700. Out of 31 rooms in this Rang Mahal, 23 exhibits have been arranged.

Ticket Price:

Adult Bangladeshi visitors = 5 taka per person, unmarried Bangladeshi child visitors (below 12 years) = 2 taka per person, SAARC country-wide visitors = 5 per person per person, other foreign visitors = 75 per person per month, no ticket is required for disabled people No, and on the basis of application from the past, students are given free museums to see.

Schedule of opening of Ahsan Manzil

October to March weekly closed on Thursday
Friday afternoon from 3.00 pm to 7.00pm
Saturday - Wednesday 9.00am to 4.30pm
April to September weekly closed Thursday
Friday afternoon from 3.00 pm to 7.00pm
Saturday - Wednesdays from 10.00am to 5.00pm
Phone: 7391122, 7393866

Government holidays are closed

How to go?

Gulistan will come from anywhere in Dhaka and go to North South Road, if it goes a bit, Nayabazar junction will fall. From here you will be going to Babubazar. If you fall down on the left side of Babubazar Bridge then another curve will fall. Islipura went to the left side. The road to Ahsan Manzil will show only when someone comes here and asks.

Or you have to go to Old Dhaka's Sadarghat first. From there you can walk away or go to a rickshaw, Ahsan Manzil.

Hussaini Dalan, Dhaka [Travel Guide]

4/15/2018 04:16:00 PM
Hussaini Dalan, Dhaka, Credit: SK Regan

About 300 years old Imambara or Hussaini Dalan, located in Nazimuddin Road of Old Dhaka, which is a sub-district of Shiya community. In the 17th century, Mughal Emperor Shahjahan was built in the 17th century. The building was originally built in memory of Imam Hussain's Shahadat Baran in the heart of Karbala.

Many people fear the traffic congestion and the crowd, we do not want to go to Old Dhaka. So maybe there are so many spectacular places that are unseen. However, on any holiday, when there is no danger of traffic, then you can come back from Husaini Dalan in old Dhaka. Especially for those who are fascinated by the history and heritage, a place is very interesting for the Hussein Corridor.

This Hussaini Building is not too far from University of Engineering / BUET, Dhaka University, and Dhaka Medical College. The entrance of this building enters the gardens, the grave of the Shia community and the main structure will be seen. Dighi is behind the building. Sometimes you can sit on the dighi sand. Most of the pictures of the Husaini Dalan are taken backward. Because there is a wonderful view of the rear building. Can leave for a holiday.

Interior Decoration of Hussaini Dalan

Every year, on the 10th of every month, on the occasion of Ashura, the Husaini Dalan became a place of excitement. There are various rituals here. From there, the Taj Mahal of Tangail is carried out and circulates around the city. At that time, meeting around this area.

In the national museum there is a nice replica of the Husaini Dalan which is made of silver. In addition to the Husaini Dalan, you can also visit Old Dhaka from the important historical establishments around them, such as Ahsan Manzil, Lalbagh Fort etc.


It is open from 7.00am to 10.00pm daily.

How to go

Canyon, rickshaw or tempocalaya go to Chankharpul. Imamabara Hussaini Dalan is situated in Nimtali of old Dhaka and Hussaini Dalan Road in Chandherpur area.

Mahera Jamidar Bari, Tangail [Travel Guide]

4/15/2018 04:04:00 PM
Mahera Jamidar Bari, Tangail

Mahera Jamidar darbar is spread over eight acres, about 18 miles east of the Tangail headquarters and 10 kilometers west. Mahera Jamidar Bari civilization and an invaluable monument of tradition. There is no other place in this country that is so beautiful and well kept Jamidar Bari. There are small parks, zoos, boat rides and picnic spots. From Dhaka to the day of the day, it can be visited from the Jamidar Bari.

Two of the main gates. Apart from this, there are huge three main buildings in this Jamidar Bari. Along with Kacharagar, Naib Sahib's house, Gostusta house, Dighi and three lodge In front of the house there is a huge lake named Vishakha Sagar. There are two ponds in the name of Pasara Pukur and Rani Pukur behind the buildings.

Chowdhury Lodge - This building is the first to be seen. Its rooftop wall is an amazing artwork. There is a huge green ground in front. A Shaheed Minar was also seen, which was later added. This Roman-style building is made of sweet pink color.

Anand Lodge - The most interesting of this building is in front of the huge gardens and the lighthouse. In the garden there are tigers, deer and other animal figures. During that period, Jamidars used to feed animals. In that memory, the idols are made.

Maharaj Lodge - The largest installation of the Lodge in white and blue combinations. It has 12 rooms. There are hanging verandas, which are used as shooting spots. There are more Maharaj Lodge, Kalicharan Lodge, Rani Mahal. In front of the Kalikaran Laws, the Jamidars used to worship Pujamandp, which were sitting in front of them.

All the activities of the police training academy run throughout the house, so the permission is to enter.

Ticket price

At Mohira Jamidar Bari (Mohera Jamidar Palace) the admission price is 80 taka. If you ride on the boat ride, then take a bargain. If the holidays the price increases many times.

How to go
Exchange of Mohakhali Bus Station of Dhaka, Nirala, Dhaleshwari, Jhatika etc. live in Tangail. Rent 120 to 160 taka These buses can be reached at Natiyapara bus stand and waiting for the CNG subdivision (Rent taka 75 , 15 per person per share) 03km east of Mahira Jamidar Palace. On the highway there is a directional pane (huge signboard) in the Police Training Center, Mahira, Tangail. And those who come from North Bengal, they can go to Tatihali on any Dhaka-bound bus and go to Natiapara bus stand after 17 km.

Where to eat
There are low cost canteen facilities for food and drinks. If you order beforehand, any food is supplied according to your preferred menu.

Where to stay
If you want to have full moon bath or nightlife in the Jamidar Bari, AC / non AC Post Bangla has good arrangement.

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