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Mandarbariya Sea Beach, Satkhira [Travel Guide]

3/22/2018 05:51:00 PM
Mandarbariya Sea Beach, Satkhira, Credit: Monirul Hoque Sabuj

Mandarbariya - The name of a beautiful sandy beach in the Satkhira district on the banks of the Bay of Bengal. Mandarbariya, which has a beach in Bangladesh, is unknown to most people. Forests of Manderbaria on the banks of the river Hariabhanga in Satkhira district and on the front of the Bay of Bengal, the sea-sandy beach is a beautiful creation of nature.

Approximately 75 kilometers away from the Nildumur Navarhat of Mannarbaria sea beach in Satkhira. Go to the car till Nildumur, the next way is to go to the engine powered boat or speed boat. This 75/80 kilometer road is full of rivers flowing through the Sundarbans.

Understand that Mandarbariya is only for hardcore lovers. The Sundarbans on one side of Mandarbari, on the other side, the incessant rains of the Bay of Bengal will be the people who will be addicted to liquor.

Starting from the Nildumur ghat, it will reach Kalgachhia, Arapangasia, Malancha river by crossing the confluence of the Kholpetua-Kobadak, and in Mandar Bariya. The river can be seen next to the river. These rivers can be seen on either side of the evergreen Sundarbans.

The eyes will be seen in the eyes of Deek. This is the state of greenery. Honeymoon, Sundar, Keora, Bain, Pashur, Gurna, Golpata, Singra, Hetal, Khalsi, Gewa tree. The breath of mangrove forestands and the animals in the rush of deer along with it will keep you fascinated. The scene to be full of eyesight Once you see the Panakauri and Balihas fly, it will reach Manbarbaria sea beach.

The 8-kilometer-long beach (Mandarbaria Sea Beach) is like a picture. Impressive love Cox's Bazar, Teknaf, Ukhia, Inani, St. Martin's, along with many beaches of the Bay of Bengal. Someone may not even think that there will be such a large beach coming in the Sundarbans (Sundarban). Mandarbari is very different from other beaches.

Behind the fear of the tiger and the front of the sea, wide beaches, green beaches surrounded by green mysteries, which are impossible to play. The tourists will find themselves in the nostalgia trapped in a deserted beach, a different feeling.

The deer on the beach and the tiger's footprints will enhance the hypnosis. So those who are interested in luxury and adventure, come back to the beautiful beach of the country and keep your name from the beautiful beach of Mandar Bazar.

How to go

Satkhira / Shyamnagar will have to go from Shyamoli in Dhaka to Satkhira. Rent AC 1300, Non AC 550 Taka Distance from Dhaka to Satkhira is 343 kilometers Satkhira Sadar to Burigolini 70 kilometers You can easily go to the sea beach of Mandarbari.

Engine-powered boats, steamer boats can be used on the beach in the winter season (from October to February). The steamer or engine powered boat will take 6 to 7 hours to reach. It will take two to two-and-a-half hours to reach Madarbariya from Nildumur to the point of the speedboat.

Where to Stay

At a hotel in Satkhira or at Shyamnagar Rest House. Good quality residential hotel and cottage in Satkhira

1) Hotel Struggle (Itagacha)
2) Hotel. Emperor (Palashpol)
3) Hotel Border (Palashpol)
4) Muzaffer Garden (Chadi Bila)
5) Hotel Mohana (Dhaka Stands)
6) Hotel Uttara

Tajhat, Jamidar Palace, Rangpur [Travel Guide]

3/22/2018 05:43:00 PM
Tajhat Zamidar Palace, Rangpur, Credit: Sha On

The Tajhat Jomidar Bari situated in Tajhat village, about six kilometers away from Rangpur city. Ratn businessman Mannalal was the founder of Tajhat zamindari. During the late eighteenth century, he started living in Mahiganj of Rangpur and built a building.

In the earthquake of 1897, his building was destroyed and he was injured and later died. After adopting the responsibility of his adopted son Gopal Lal Roy Bahadur zamindari, in the middle of the twentieth century, he built a zamindari house with the help of about 2,000 masons.

The landlord house is now well known as the Tajhat Zomidar Bari. The building costs around one and a half million taka. In 1917 the building was completed. There are large empty fields, trees, and two ponds on both sides of the palace.

The house is surrounded by the beautiful color of natural beauty, flower gardens, Kamini, Mahogoni, jackfruit and amabagan in north and south. The third and fourth floors of the landlord house, like Ahsan Manzil of Dhaka, have many things used by King Gopal.

The Tajhat Zomidar Bari is built by red bricks, white stones and limestone rocks and is very nice to see. The four-storey zamindari house has innumerable rooms, bathrooms and guest bedrooms. It is approximately 210 feet wide and has four floors high. Its structure is believed to be inspired by the ancient Mughal architecture, which is proof of its appearance in the middle of a large dome and a mosque of its spreading buildings on both sides.

But the Rajbari is different from all the other palaces of Bangladesh, which is its stairs. There is a total of 31 stairs, all of which are made of marble in Italian genres. From the stairs to the museum, the floor is all made of the same stone.

There is a secret staircase behind the palace. This secret staircase is connected to a tunnel, which is heard directly in connection with the river Ghaghat, but the stairs are now closed due to security reasons.

The beautiful fountain of the palace is evident in the evolution of the time, the white marble and its gorgeous design is somewhat dirty, yet it is still visible. It is said that it was built specifically for the queen. Prior to 2005, the zamindar house is known to everyone as Tajhat Rajbari.

Inside the tajhat zomidar bari:

In 1995, the Department of Archeology, Government of Bangladesh announced the palace as a protected structure. The government of Bangladesh used to realize the historic significance of this facility:
In 2005, the Rangpur museum was removed and brought to the second floor of the Prasad. There are several exhibition rooms in the museum, which include the Terracotta artwork of the 10th and 11th centuries. Here are some ancient manuscripts written in Sanskrit and Arabic.

Among them are the Mahabharata and the Ramayana with the Qur'an of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. In the back room there are several times the Hindu god Vishnu's portrait of stone. But there is a ban on taking pictures inside the museum. A museum has three hundred valuable monuments.

If you are traveling in our season, the famous Haribhanga mango of Rangpur will make a lot of mistake when you return to the mango


The summer schedule of the Rangpur Museum (April-September) is from 10am to 6pm. There is a midday break from midday to thirty minutes. And winter (October-March) schedule is from 9am to 5pm. Break from 1 to 1 to 30 minutes.

On Sunday, the museum is closed on Sundays, all day holidays including public holidays on Sundays.

Ticket Price:

There are ticket takers in front of the museum gate, each ticket is worth twenty taka, but a child under five years does not need a ticket. However, the admission rate for the students of secondary level has been fixed at Tk 5. For SAARC foreign visitors, the ticket price is one hundred taka and for other foreign visitors the ticket price is two hundred taka. If you want to get into the car, you will have to pay a specific fee for the car.

How to go

Everyday passenger bus (bus) of different transport departments from different areas of Gabtoli, Gabtoli, Kalyanpur and Mohakhali bus terminals of Dhaka left for different destinations of Rangpur. Buses of all terminals of Gabtali, Kalyanpur and Mohakhali travel through Rangpur via Savar and cross the Bangabandhu Bridge. Rent will cost Tk 550-900.

When the bus from Dhaka to Kurigram goes down to the Rangpur Museum. Besides, Rickshaw can be rented from Rangpur bus station to the gate of the museum at Tk 20.

Greenline Transport: + 880-2-9112287, 9133145, 017-300-60006
TR Travels: 0119-1863689, 0119-1863691, 0119-863673
SR Travels: Kalyanpur - 01711-394801, 9033793, Gabtali - 9031226, Mohakhali - 0155-2315831, Uttara - 01711-394804
Meem Transportation - Gabtali - 01911-013694, 01734-422971
Alhamra Travels: Gabtali - 88-0-9005612, 01721-802031
Kurigram transport: 01924-469437, 01914-856826

Where to stay in Rangpur:

There are several hotels (hotels) / motel hotels to stay in Rangpur.

Tourism Motel: 0521-612111
Hotel Northview: 0521-55405, 55406
Hotel Kashipia + 880521-61111, + 8801977-27742
Hotel Golden Tower: + 880521-65920
The Park Hotel: + 880521-65920
Hotel Tilottama: + 880521-63482, 01718938424

Ali Surongo, Cave, Bandarban [Travel Guide]

3/22/2018 05:00:00 PM
Ali Surongo, Bandarban, Credit: Jannatul Ferdaous Jannat

Only three kilometers away from the Alikadam Upazila Sadar of the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bandarban, the tunnels of the natural mausoleum of Ali's cave or Ali were tied in two hemispheres standing near the Matamuhuri-Taun canal. This cave is 150 feet above Jhari.

But there is no end to the mystery of nature surrounding the cave. Ali is not aware of any accurate information about the tunnel naming. It is very difficult to get into the cave from the mountainous jhiri. To get to this cave a long time ago, it had to grow slowly with a dhoti or hill climber. Alikadam Senna Zune has set up three stairs to solve this problem of tourists.
Ali's Cave, Bandarban, Credit: Jannatul Ferdaous Jannat

As a result, tourists do not have any problem. Can easily go to the cave philosophy. It looks terrible! This cave in the middle of the mountain is about 100 feet tall. There are two more caves beside him. Their length is almost the same. Dark inside the cave!

Tight lights or fire torches have to be entered. But there is a warning, there are small large presses inside the cave. These buds can get frightened while flying. But they do not harm anyone, they are.

Ali's cave, Alikadam, Bandarban, Credit: Jannatul Ferdaous Jannat

How to go

From Dhaka, you will first have to go to Chittagong-Cox's Bazar's Chakaria Bus Terminal. No AC bus to Dhaka will be charged at Tk 750 Or you can go to Chittagong by train on the bus from Chittagong. From Chittagong to Chakaria, every bus has a bus ticket of Tk 170. From the Chakaria bus terminal, the bus services of Matamuhuri transport service leave for Alikadam from 7.30am to 6.30pm every morning. Alikadam leaves every day from 7.00 am to 5.30 pm to chakriya.

After 40 minutes from the two sides left the car. Rent 60 per person. It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Alakadam moon (zip) from Chakaria can come in the car. Local rent is Rs 65 per person. One way to rent the reserve is 1200-1400 taka.

Two hours to the bus. And when the moon is in the car it will take 30 minutes or 40 minutes less. The distance between the two is only 10 rupees. Ali's tunnel from Senjon to boat. Go back in the morning and come back in the afternoon.

Where to stay

If you wish to go from Dhaka to night, you can see Ali's tunnel, Rupmuhhari waterfall and leave for Dhaka at one night. You can also see from Chittagong one day. Still have to stay. There is no better way to stay in Alikadam. There is a postal bungalow in the district council, whose position is a boarding and marketplace owned by bus stand, which is located in Alikadam Bazar.

The standard of boarding is not good. There are 10 rooms in the dak bungalow. Rent - 5 each to the bottom floor 500 taka. On the second floor, every 1000 taka. Hire two bed rooms at Zia Boarding - 450 Taka

Contact at Zia Boarding: Mohammad Saddam Hussein (01828933633, 01828933633, 01553603915)

Where to eat

Hotel Alikadam has medium quality. Expecting too much will be wrong.


If Ali did not go before the tunnel, then take the guide. You can take them as guides. They are happy with any amount. Saddam-01831507293/01828933633, Khalek - 01837837591.

Shalbon Buddhist Temple, Comilla [Travel Guide]

3/22/2018 04:20:00 PM
Shalban Buddhist Temple, Comilla, Credit: Sarwar Badhan

Moynamati Museum near Shalbon Bihar Many valuable manuscripts are found during the excavation of Sreebhadra Mahavihara, Kolara Mura, Charpatra Mura, Rupanamura, Itakhola Mura, Ananda Vihara, Ranir Bangla, and Bhoj Raja's house.

For the preservation and display of these authors, a museum of West-west was set up in front of Salban on the south side of Shalvan Bihar in Comilla Kotbari in 1965. The Buddha's huge bronze statue is located on the left side of the entrance of the museum.

Then there are statues of Buddha standing in sandy stone. It is estimated in the 7th century. There are two copper rule in the 12-13th century. Among the other important items, the huge bell of bronze (370 kg weighing), Shiva's vehicle of black stone, Burma manuscript of Talpata is one of the most important.

The building became the English 'T' because it did not accommodate the space for displaying important material on the museum's foundation, expanding its southern side in 1970-71. There are 42 receptions in the entire museum building. So that the contents are displayed. From the left side of the entrance of the museum, the show begins with exhibition at No.1 and turns round the clock and ends at the right hand corner of the entrance at the 42nd entrance.

Demonstration of exhibit reservoirs in the exhibit reservoirs, land design, metal sculpture, ancient coins, earthen stamps, burnt pottery, bronze statues, stone statues, iron nails, stone beads, ornaments, . Apart from this, some stones and bronze statues have been kept at various places in the museum building on the floor. Some of these statues are collected from different parts of ancient Samatata.

Notable stones and bronze statue in the museum are: various posturing Buddha statues standing on a variety of stones, three types of Vikram Vishnu Murti, statues of idols, Murshi statues, statue of Parvati, Harogauri murtis, Nandi statues, Mahishmardini statues, Manasa statues, Ganesh idols, Surya idols, And the thunderbolt statue of bronze. There are also bronze statues and statues. In this museum there is an hour of huge bronze made in the museum. Whose weight is 500 Kg.

Gold and silver coins found in Mainamati are preserved in the museum's premises. Terracotta plaques Bronze and copper products. Iron made products Different types of clay toys. Wooden work patterns. Ancient manuscript manuscripts written on cotton paper Various samples of pottery etc.

Tickets Price

There are ticket takers in front of the museum gate, each ticket is worth twenty taka, but a child under five years does not need a ticket. However, the admission rate for the students of secondary level has been fixed at Tk 5. For SAARC foreign visitors, the ticket price is one hundred taka and for other foreign visitors the ticket price is two hundred taka.

Closed-open schedules:

In the summer, the Mainamati museum is open from 10am to 6pm. The middle is closed from 1pm to 1.30pm for half an hour. And in the winter 9am to 5pm the Mainnamati museum is open. In winter, it is closed from 1pm to 1.30pm. And for the Jumma prayers on Friday, the munamati museum is closed from 12.3 to 3. Sunday is open for general holidays and on Monday, 2:00. The official museum is closed on any special day.

How to go

Distance from Dhaka to Comilla is only 2 hours and 30 minutes. Tisha and Asia line ahead of bus service to the front. You can ride on any one of the streets of Comilla. For those who want to come from Chittagong, Prince Saudia will be good. The interesting fact is that the train takes less time from Chittagong to Comilla than buses, only 3 hours and 30 minutes. Bus takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Comilla came to Tamasam Bridge bus stand. Get CNG stand there. If you want to go to the reserve, it will cost 10 rupees. You will get CNG Wala in Kotbari. From here there will be auto rickshaw, Shalvan Bihar. Rent will cost 5 taka The Mainamati Museum near the Shalban Buddhist monastery. Do not forget to see Mainamati war cemetery on the way to coming.

Where to stay

There are several hotels and guest houses, including Comilla Club, Comilla City Club, and here. There are all types of AC or non AC arrangements. The cost of each night will be between 1 thousand and 3 thousand taka. Besides, there are hotels Chandrima, Hotel Sonali, Hotel, Shalban, Hotel, Nidrabab, Ashik Rest House etc. Rent between 200 to 600 rupees.

Ashiq Residental Rest House - Address: 186, Nazrul Avenue, Comilla, Contact: 68781
Hotel Abedin - Address: Station Road, Comilla, Contact: 76014
Hotel Nurjahan - Address: Dhaka-Chittagong Highway, Comilla, Contact: 68737
Hotel Sonali - Address: Kandirpar Chattar, Comilla, Contact: 63188

There is also a bird near the Shalvan Buddhist Vihara. You can also stay there in the bird contact.

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