Bagha Moshjid, Rajshahi [Tour Guide]

Bagha Moshjid with 50 taka Bangladeshi note, Rajshahi, Credit:TOB

The distance of Bagha from Rajshahi is about 40 km. Bagha has many mango garden. The ancient mosque is made of bricks. There are four domes around the original mosque, and there are ten domes in each of the five rows in two rows. There are five gates on the east side of the mosque. Four doors of north and south walls have been closed.

About 23.16m length and 12.80 meter width, this mosque was destroyed by the earthquake of 1897. After the Department of Archeology rebuilt the roof with the dome. There is a lot of burnt soil in and outside the mosque.

There is a special prayer room built in the north-western corner, which has a high elevation inside the mosque. There are disagreements with this. Many people think that this was the place for women's prayers. According to many, the room was reserved for the governor working only as a representative of the Sultan. On the eastern side of the Bagha mosque, there is a large size of a wall.

There is a cemetery beside the mosque. There are some lavish people lying down here. It is reported that in the year 1505, Shah Daula Danesh Bad (R.) came to Baghdad from Baghdad for the promotion of Islam with five companions. Sultan Nosrat Shah was also known as his fan. Shah Daula used to ride on a tiger in this region, the name of the place Bagha.

On the way to Bagha Mosque, you can see Baneshwar Amat Hat. Rajshahi's largest amer hat is sitting in Baneshwar.

How to go

From Dhaka to Rajshahi on the road, rail, and sky. In Rajshahi, the buses of Kalyanpur and Gabtoli from Dhaka have gone to AC buses of Country Travels and Green Line Transit. Rent 800 to 1 thousand taka Besides, Rajshahi bus depot buses from Gabtali and Kalyanpur, Shyamoli Transport, Hanif Enterprise, National Travels, Bablu Enterprises etc are located in Dhaka. Rent is from 4 hundred to 4,500 taka. Apart from the Kamlapur Dhaka, except for Sunday, the Rajshahi Express left for Rajshahi at 2:40 pm on Sunday, and the train left the train every day at 11:10 pm without Tuesday, Padma Express. Rent Shovel Chair will cost Tk 350, Snigdha 604 taka, AC seat 725, AC berth 1081 taka.

>> Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Biman Bangladesh (lowest rent to Taka 3,300), United Airways (lowest rent 4, 250 taka) to the airport from Shahjalal International Airport in Rajshahi.

The bus route from Rajshahi to Bagha is the bus. Rajshahi Sadar bus terminal leaving Bus for Bagha. Rent 35 to 40 taka

Where to stay

There are several quality hotels in the city of Rajshahi. Next to the Rajshahi Zoo, Bangladesh Tourism Corporation Motel (0721-775237) Bookings of this hotel are also available from the head office of Dhaka's Travel Corporation (02-8833229, 8834600). The hotel's AC house will cost Tk 1,900, AC double room 2 thousand 6 hundred, sweet 4 thousand 6 hundred rupees.

Other hotels in Rajshahi City are Hotel Nice International (0721-776188) in Gokakpara, Hotel Hawks Inn (0721-810420) in Shirley, Hotel Pearla International (0721-771100) at Saheb Bazar, Hotel Dallas International (0721-811470) at Bindu Bar, Hotel Shukran in Mallopara (0721-771817) etc. There are rooms in these hotel rooms ranging from 500 to 3 thousand taka.

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