SSC Exam Result 2019 is going to be published very soon. SSC Results 2019
SSC, Dakhil Result 2019 and Vocational Examination, started in Bangladesh on February 1, 2019 together on 1st February, 2019 Which ended on 24th February, 2019. Now just waiting for the SSC Result 2019, Dakhil Result 2019 and Vocational Examination Results for 2019. This year, the number of students participating in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and its equivalent examinations was 20,31,899, which is about 4 lakh more than the number of students participating in the last year. Meanwhile, 10,23217 boys and 10,08,687 female candidates participated in the SSC examination this year. Although the record number of the SSC exams this year has been recorded with another record. And that is the number of question papers leaked. The government of Bangladesh has announced to give a forensic question in the SSC examination in the year 2019.

SSC Result 2019 - SSC Results 2019

After the test, just wait for the wait. Usually, the Ministry of Education has been publishing results within two months of the end of the examination. As expected, the probable date of declaration of the results of the test is April 29. So the results of the result of this all-sudden retirement until the results are published. What is the result of SSC test results or submission or voting, will the results be good?
Check the post of this link for the retirement of the SSC exams.

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Many people get results from school examinations but in the era of the internet, you can get your own handset or laptop with the results of your test results and results are good before many can get started. On the day of the SSC exam result 2019, about 10 lakh people have tried to enter the education board's web site simultaneously, so the server is sometimes down. And the results of the education board's website's website are a bit big because many people fail to remember it. We have this small effort for them.

SSC Result Dhaka Board 2019, Dakhil Result 2019 and Vocational Result, When will be published?
SSC Result 2014 was published on 17th May 2014, SSC Result 2015 was published on 30th May 2015, SSC Result 2016 was published on 11th May 2016, SSC Result 2017 was published on 4th May, 2017, and SSC exam results for this year will be published in the year 29 April to April

• SSC Result of all boards, 2019
SSC Result of Dhaka Board, 2019
• Chittagong Board's SSC Result 2019
• Comilla Board's SSC Result 2019
• Barisal Board's SSC Result 2019
• Jessore Board's SSC Result 2019
• Sylhet Board's SSC Result 2019
• SSC Result of Dinajpur Board 2019
• SSC Result of Rajshahi Board 2019
• Madrasa Board Result 2019
Vocational Result of Tech Board, 2019

Backup Server of SSC Result 2019

How to get SSC result 2019:

You can get the SSC Result 2019 result in two ways:

1) Get results through SMS on mobile
SSC Results 2019 Get the results of your mobile to the mobile option's message option: SSC Space Your first name in the SSC space space is your Roll Number Space 2019 and send 16222 to this number.

Method of getting results via SMS
SSC <Space> The first 3 letters of your board name <space> roll number <space> next year
Then send it to 16222.
Send SSC RAJ 123456 2017 to 16222
SMS method for the Madrasa Education Board
Dakhil <Space> The first 3 characters of your board name <space> roll number <space> next year
Then send it to 16222.
Send Dakhil MAD 123456 2017 to 16222
For SSC Vocational:
SSC <Space> The first 3 letters of your board name <space> roll number <space> next year
Send to 16222
Send SSC Tec 123456 2017 to 16222
You will get your desired test result at the return SMS. But due to the past few years of experience, it is often too late to get results in SMS.

2) SSC Result 2019 Through Internet:

Results are published only on the Internet from the Education Board's web site. To get the result, go to the education board's website and fill up your test name, board, roll number, registration number, and press the submit button in the specified room. Or here you can see your results.
See SSC Result 2019 from here

SSC Result 2019:
Occasionally there may be problems in the web site, the pages are loaded, try again or in the comment box below with your test, board, roll and registration number. We will announce the results of your test.
SSC Results 2019
SSC Results 2019, Dakhil Result 2019 and Vocational Result 2019

 Education Board Server Link

Find out the results of the SSC and equivalent examinations in 2018 from here

Results of the Secondary (SSC) and equivalent examinations for the year 2018 were published simultaneously on 2 May (Thursday) at 2 pm. Students will know the results from internet, mobile sms and from their respective organizations.
The pass rate of SSC and equivalent examinations is 80.36 percent, which is 7.94 percent less than last year (2017). Now the GPA-5 has received 1 lakh 4 thousand 7'61.
On Thursday (May 4th), Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid handed over the summary of results to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with the chairman of the board. At this time the information is known.
Results of SSC 2019 and equivalent examinations are also seen online from the academic year 2011. In addition to the latest SSC and equivalent examination results and admission in class XII, keep regular eye-to-face information in the education bd.
Click here to know the results of HSC and equivalent examinations for the year 2018
See SSC / equivalent exam results online for 2018 online here

Education Board Access the secondary school site to see the results
Results of SSC exams with grades of different boards are available from the following links
Click here to see only results of Barisal Board Examination 2018
Click here to see only Chittagong Board SSC examination results 2018
Click here to view SSC examination results 2018 Dhaka Board
Click here to view SSC examination results 2018 only with Jessosh Board's grade sheet
Click here to view SSC test result 2018 only with grade sheet of Barisal board.
Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2019
Comilla Board SSC Result  2019
Dinajpur Board SSC Result 2019
Barisal Board SSC Result 2019
Chittagong Board SSC Result 2019

Dhaka Education Board Result | SSC Exam Result 2017
SSC Result 2017 | Bangladesh Education Board Result
Strategy to merit Bangladesh Education Board Result
SSC Result 2017 | All Education Board Result will publish in with mark sheet.

Please click here to see the results of the SSC examination, 2019, with the GradeShit of Comilla Board only
SSC Results, As per Mobile SMS, can be known as:
The SSC examinations of the theoretical subjects of the year 2018 will start on February 2 and end on March 2. And between 04-11 March, practical tests were held.
The Ministry of Education has been publishing results of SSC and HSC exams for the last few years, 60 days after the theatrical examination concludes. The sequence will be published within 60 days.
Statistics of SSC and equivalent examinations of 2019

In this examination, 17,86,61,613 students participated in 3,236 centers of 28 thousand 344 educational institutions. The number of students in the total number of students is 9, 10, 501 and 8,76,112 students.
Total 8,25,800 students of SSC exams on eight general boards Of these, seven lakh two thousand 299 students and seven lakh 23 thousand 601 students.
According to the Madrasa Board, two lakh 56 thousand 501 candidates for the Dakhil examination and the SSC (Vocational) examination under Technical Board took 1.44 thousand 212 examinees.
Combined results of 8 general boards, madrasa, technical boards
In all, there were 17 lakh 81 thousand 962 candidates who were present in the 10 board jointly. In which 14 thousand 31 thousand 722 people passed. Now, the pass rate of 10 board is 80.35 percent. Last year passed 88.33 percent. This time passes 7.94 percent less.
Total GPA-5, combined with all the board, got 1.44 thousand 761 people. Last year, GPA-5 received 1 lakh 9 thousand 761 people. GPA-5 or A-plus decreased 5 thousand
8 general board or SSC result 2019
In the 8th General Board or SSC, there were 14 lakh 22 thousand 389 examinees. Which has passed 11 million 55 thousand 68 people. The average pass is 81.11 percent. Last year, the pass rate was 88.60 percent. Pass rate decreased by 7.94 percent.
97,994 people got GPA-5 SSC this year. Last year, 96 thousand 769 people got GPA-5.
SSC result 2019 of the Madrasa / Dwell Board
There were 2 lakh 53 thousand 344 candidates in this year's examination. Which has passed 1 lakh 93 thousand 51 people. Now the pass rate is 76.2 percent. Last year pass rate was 88.22 percent. The pass rate decreased to 12.2 percent.
In this year, 2,610 people got GPA-5 in Dakheel. Last year, 5,845 people got GPA-5. 3,185 people got GPA-5
SSC result 2019 of Technical Education Board
There were 1 lakh 6 thousand 23 students in the technical examination. In which 83 thousand 603 people passed. Now the pass rate is 78.66 percent. Last year pass rate was 83.11 percent. Pass rate decreased by 4.44 percent.
In the technical year this year, GPA-5 received 4 thousand 187 people. Last year, 7,097 people got GPA-5. This year, 2,910 people got GPA-5 less.
SSC and equivalent examinations began on February 2. Theoretical or written examination ends on March 2. The practical test begins on March 4 and ends March 11.
Statistics of the SSC equivalent test results 2017 for the last (2017):
Last year, the average pass rate was 88.29 percent in secondary (SSC) and equivalent examinations. Total GPA-5 received 1 lakh 9 thousand 761 people. In 2017, the total GPA 5 was 1 lakh 11 thousand 901.

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