Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule

People who want's to visit from Dhaka to Chittagong or from Chittagong to Dhaka for travel or any purpose. The train is always a comfortable way then Buses. Due to the heavy traffic jam on Dhaka -Chittagong Highway, it's hard to do bus journey. Here I'm giving you the train schedule, may be this schedule helps you to make sure your journey between Dhaka & Chittagong.

And Bangladesh Railway now improvement many facilities for the passengers.

Dhaka - Chittagong Train (Subarna Express)

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule

Train Name [Train Number]Off dayFromDepartureToArrival
Subarna Express (inter city) [702]MondayDhaka3:00pmChittagong08:10pm
Mohanagar Provati (inter city) [704]NoneDhaka7:45amChittagong1:50pm
Mohanagar Express (inter city) [722]SundayDhaka9:00pmChittagong4:30am
Turna Express (inter city) [742]NoneDhaka11:30pmChittagong6:20am
Sonar Bangla Express (inter city) [788]WednesdayDhaka7:00amChittagong12:20pm
Chittagong mail [2]NoneDhaka10:30pmChittagong7:25am
Karnaphuli express [4]NoneDhaka8:30amChittagong6:00pm
Chattala Express [68]TuesdayDhaka1:00pmChittagong8:50pm

Chittagong to Dhaka Train Schedule

TrainOff dayFromDepartureToArrival
Subarna Express (inter city) [701]MondayChittagong7:00amDhaka12:10pm
Mohanagar Goduli (inter city) [703]NoneChittagong3:00pmDhaka9:10pm
Mohanagar Express (inter city) [721]SundayChittagong12:30pmDhaka7:00pm
Turna Express (inter city) [741]NoneChittagong11:00pmDhaka5:25am
Sonar Bangla Express (inter city) [787]TuesdayChittagong5:00pmDhaka10:10pm
Dhaka mail [1]NoneChittagong10:30pmDhaka6:55am
Karnaphuli express [3]NoneChittagong10:00amDhaka7:45pm
Chattala Express [67]TuesdayChittagong8:15amDhaka3:45pm

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Track by SMS

Now you can easily track train by using your phone. You just need to send an SMS. To know the train's exact current location, send SMS : 
TR <Train Number> And send it to 16318

Note that, Train Number is different for the same train for it’s direction. For example, Subarna Express is 702 when it goes from Dhaka to Chittagong. But it’s 701 when it goes from Chittagong to Dhaka.

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