Jamboree Park, Agrabad, Chittagong [Travel Guide]

Jamburi park is just light-dark poetry!

Jamboree Park, Agrabad, Chittagong
Five 500 LED lights are flashing light. Two of the squares became visible in the fountain. The light-weighted atmosphere of 8,000-feet-walk walkway surrounded by two-and-a-half-feet-long sight-seeing borders. Around 3 feet deep, 50 thousand square feet of water is clean air. Three two-step gallery to the edge of the artificial lake. Small green hinges around the ground. In the middle two camps. Standing bench for rest on the edge of the field. This is a beautiful Jamboree Park decorated in Agrabad of Chittagong port. This evening, in the evening, in the colorful luminosity of the ground. If you look from the tall buildings, then it takes the entire place to watch.

Jamboree Park, Agrabad, Chittagong
Jamboree Park is largely spacious and long jogging track for bodybuilding. At the same time, it has become an open garde of peace for people of different classes. In the design of the Architectural Department, land of 8,555 acres of land has been planted on 65 species of 10,000 trees. These include Sonalu, Nagaswara, Champa, Radhachura, Bakul, Sha'uli, Sycas, Tugar, Jarul and various species of trees. There are more than 500 local-foreign plants There are 14 closest cameras installed for safety. There are two pump houses beside the reservoir. To protect the rain and tidal water, the entire Jamboree Park has been raised three feet above the road. The internal master drain is to drain the inside and outside the park. Four structures in the park have four structures.
Jamburi Park, Agrabad, Chittagong

Among them, the modern toilets have been kept in the north-east corner and in the south-west corner park guests. There are six gates to enter the park. Two on the north side, two on the south side, one in the front of the 10 storey building on the east, Agrabad mother on the west and there is a large gate in the front of the child hospital. The panel will be open to the public. Every weekend, from 4 pm to evening, people of different classes are coming to visit the Jamburi Park. Many people are exercising on the body. The place has responded well to all.

Holidays with Friday are seen in the uppermost crowd. The youths have got to smoke in self-sacrifice. The Public Works Department has organized the park at a cost of Tk 18 crore for the initiative of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Works. It is called the best park in Chittagong. Jamboree Park has become quite popular as it is a densely populated area with multi-colon colony, CDA residential area, bank colony, T & T colony, post office colony. Local residents believe that if properly maintained and caring, this place can become a new tourist destination.

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